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SDK to Expand Capacity for Producing High-Grade SiC Epitaxial Wafers

Showa Denko (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004) has decided to expand its capacity for producing high-quality-grade silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial wafers for power devices, which have already been marketed under the trade name of “High-Grade Epi” (HGE). SDK will expand its facilities to produce HGE to increase their production capacity from current 3,000 wafers per month to 5,000 wafers per month*1 . Expanded facilities will start operation in April 2018.

When compared with the mainstream silicon-based semiconductors, SiC-based power devices can operate under high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-current conditions, while substantially conserving energy. These features enable the production of smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient next-generation power control modules. SiC power devices are already used as power sources of servers for data centers, and distributed power supply systems for new energies. Moreover, applications of SiC power devices to inverter modules for railcars and quick charging stations for electric vehicles are in progress in recent years. Thus the size of the market for SiC power devices is expected to achieve an annual rate of 27% of significant growth until 2020*2.

Power modules for high-voltage, high-current applications mainly contain devices with the structure of SBD (Schottky Barrier Diode) and transistors with the structure of MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Filed-Effect Transistor)*3. While manufacturers go into mass production of SiC-SBD, practical application of SiC-MOSFET required further reduction in various types of surface and crystal defects. In HGE developed by SDK, the number of basal plane dislocation (BPD)*4, which is typical crystal defect, is controlled to be within 0.1/cm2. Since the launch in October 2015, HGE has been acclaimed by many device manufacturers at home and abroad, and adopted as a key component of SiC-SBD. In addition, HGE is adopted more and more by device manufacturers as a key component to develop SiC-MOSFET for practical use. This time, SDK decided to expand its capacity to produce HGE because SDK’s facilities to produce HGE are operating at full capacity these days and we expect that the market for SiC-MOSFET will start to take-off in and after 2018.

The size of the market for SiC epitaxial wafers for power devices is expected to reach 20 billion in 2020*5 as the early use of SiC power devices in vehicles is under consideration. SDK will continue meeting the need of the market for high-quality SiC epitaxial wafers, aiming to contribute to the improvement in energy efficiency of power devices.


*1 This number is based on a conversion into SiC epitaxial wafers for power devices having withstanding voltage of 1,200 V.

*2 “Reality and Future Prospect of Next Generation Power Device and Power Electronics Related Apparatus Market 2017,” published by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.

*3 MOSFET: metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
MOSFET is good to be used in logic circuits that require high-speed switching, because its rate of power loss is small.

*4 Basal plane dislocation: Dislocation that occurs on a basal plane of a single crystal SiC.

*5 Estimated by SDK.

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Meet the Ceramics Division at EMO 2017 in Hannover!

We kindly invite all interested persons to visit Showa Denko’s Ceramics Division at EMO 2017. The EMO is the world’s leading international trade show for metalworking and will be held in Hannover from September 18th to 23rd.

Visit us and learn about newest developments in our product fields of PCBN materials (K-TIP™), sintered alumina abrasives (SINTERMORUNDUM™ SM / SR), fused alumina abrasives as well as cBN abrasives. The team of Showa Denko Europe and R&D engineers from our factory in Shiojiri, Japan, are looking forward to present you our products and answer all your questions.

You can find us in Hall 7, Stand C58.

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Meet Aluminium Specialty Components Division team at Hannover Messe 2017!

We kindly invite all interested persons to visit Aluminium Special Components Division team as well as Shotic Europa at Hannover Messe 2017, the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology, held in Hannover from April 24th to 28h. You can find us at in Hall 6, Stand A51.
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Visit us at In-Cosmetics 2017

We kindly invite all interested persons to visit us at the In-Cosmetics 2017, held in London from April 04th to 06th. You can find us at stand S48. We look forward to your visit to introduce our solutions for personal care (face care, body care and hair care)!... read more


Showa Denko to Raise Chloroprene Rubber Price

Showa Denko has decided to increase its Chloroprene Rubber price due to rising raw material cost. The price will be increased by 360 EUR/ton or more. The new price will be effective from February 16, 2017. For further details, click here.... read more