SDK erhöht Produktionskapazität von VGCF


Showa Denko KK (SDK) has the additional manufacturing facility VGCF TM completed (Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber) at the Kawasaki plant in Kanagawa Prefecture. Thus, the overall production capacity of 100 tons per year is increased to 200 tons per year. VGCF TM is used as an additive in the anode and cathode of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery (LIB).

It is expected that the demand for large LIBs for applications in the automotive industry or for energy storage from 2013 will increase rapidly. Accordingly, the demand for VGCF TM , which is primarily used as an electrically conductive additive in LIBs as anode and cathode materials applications, increase steadily. By adding a small amount of VGCF TM performance and battery life can be improved. In addition, you can make the battery as safer.

SDK also provides an anode material (SCMG TM ) graphite for LIBs and an aluminum-laminated film for the packaging of lithium-ion batteries. To meet the increasing demand, SDK will gradually increase the volume of production of these products.

The combination of inorganic / metal and organic chemical technologies, the Showa Denko Group typical battery materials, mostly for lithium-ion batteries at.

For 2015, the Group expects a sales volume of 30 trillion yen or more. The group wants to promote technical progress and the expansion of the business unit in order to reduce impacts on the global environment.