Showa Denko Develops New Shodex™ Analytical Column


Showa Denko Develops New Shodex™ Analytical Column
—To Launch HPLC Column to Analyze Anions, Compatible with Hydroxide Eluent—

Showa Denko K.K.
September 3, 2018

Showa Denko (SDK) (TOKYO:4004) has developed a new type of ShodexTM high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column, namely, “IC SI-36 4D” column for ion chromatography*1 to analyze anions, which is compatible with hydroxide eluents.

Ion chromatography is an analytical method mainly used for analysis of inorganic ions in water, including analysis of halogenous impurities and standard anionic materials in tap water. SDK has been offering ion chromatography columns compatible with carbonated eluents. This time, SDK has developed “IC SI-36 4D” column for analysis of anions, compatible with hydroxide eluents. This new type column enables us to execute analysis with higher sensitivity than that of conventional columns used with carbonated eluents. SDK will put “IC SI-36 4D” on the market by the end of this year.

[Analysis of 7 standard anions and sulfite]

  • Analysis of 7 standard anions, sulfite, and carbonate with the new column showed high resolution.
  • Hydroxide eluents have lower background electrical conductivity than carbonate eluents. Therefore, combination of the new column and hydroxide eluents can perform supersensitive analysis.
  • Combination of the new column and hydroxide eluent does not require two different eluents (gradient system). This combination can perform separation with a single eluent (isocratic system) within 30 minutes.

[Analytical conditions]

  1. 1.F        0.5mg/L
  2. 2.Cl       3mg/L
  3. 3.NO2-   5mg/L
  4. 4.SO32-  5mg/L
  5. 5.SO42-  10mg/L
  6. 6.Br      10mg/L
  7. 7.NO3   10mg/L
  8. 8.PO43-  20mg/L

Injected amount: 20µL
Eluent: 25mM KOH aq.
Flow rate: 0.7mL/min. Detector: Suppressed-conductivity
Column temperature: 30℃

SDK will have a booth at “JASIS 2018” exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe, Japan, from September 5 through 7. There SDK will introduce not only the newly developed product “IC SI-36 4D,” but also the two new products which were put on the market this year, namely, “OHpakTM LB-804,” a new grade of OHpakTM series packed columns for GFC*2 (SEC*3 using aqueous solvents) using hydrophilic polymer base, and “PROTEIN LW-403 4D,” a silicate packed column for GFC which realizes quick analysis.


  1. *1)Ion chromatography: A method of analysis, separates and analyzes samples by utilizing electrostatic interaction between ion exchangers and ionic solutes.
  2. *2)GFC (gel filtration chromatography): A variety of SEC, uses aqueous solutions as eluent.
  3. *3)SEC (size exclusion chromatography): A form of chromatography that uses pores of packing materials to separate and analyze sample ingredients (such as proteins and synthesized polymers) according to the size of molecules (molecular weight).

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