SDK Acquires Highest-Level Environmental Rating from DBJ


Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) today received a loan from Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ), after acquiring the highest-level rating from DBJ for its environmental management.

DBJ has developed a system of financing based on environmental ratings, whereby DBJ evaluates firms’ environmental soundness and applies three-stage interest rates depending on scores given to respective firms.

SDK has acquired the highest-level environmental rating from DBJ because of the following:


In addition to providing a wide variety of innovative products based on wide-ranging core technologies owned by the Group, SDK is taking strong measures, from the product development stage, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other types of environmental impact.


SDK’s products, such as ultrabright LED chips and VGCFTM carbon nanotube for lithium-ion batteries, are expected to contribute to a sustainable growth of society.


SDK has taken measures to protect the environment in the production stage, such as the drastic cut in greenhouse gas emissions through the replacement of naphtha cracking furnaces of its ethylene plant at Oita Complex, while making aggressive plans for further reductions.
The Showa Denko Group attaches high priority to a sustainable growth of society, developing products and technologies that contribute to reductions in environmental impact and cutting emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Group will continue to provide environment-friendly advanced components, materials and solutions for the major target markets of energy, environment/resources, and electronics.