SDK is building pilot production plant for “SHORAYAL™”


Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has decided to give the name of “SHORAYAL™” to its new heat-resistant and transparent film for use in displays.

Having established a process for commercial production of the film, SDK is building a pilot plant within the premises of its Oita Complex for completion at the end of May.  The pilot plant will have the capacity to produce several hundred-thousand square meters of the film a year in the form of rolls and sheets.

SDK has so far provided samples produced on a laboratory scale.  After the start-up of the pilot plant, SDK will be able to provide samples that satisfy respective customers’ requirements, accelerating marketing activities for full-scale commercialization.

SDK has developed SHORAYAL™ based on its proprietary resin technology for glass lens applications.  The film has high transparency, and high heat resistance required at the time of display production.  Major characteristics of the film are as follows:

Heat resistance: Can be used in high-temperature processes of up to 250°C
Optical characteristics: High light transmittance of 92% (comparable to that of glass);Low double refraction
Chemical resistance: High resistance to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents
Surface characteristics: High surface hardness of 3H or more (in pencil hardness)