SiC Epitaxial Wafer


Superior heat resistance, conductivity and energy efficiency.

SiC power devices using silicon carbide epitaxial wafers can operate under high-voltage, heavy current and at high temperatures compared to silicon-based semiconductors. These features enable reductions in the number of components and miniaturization of cooling devices, helping to make smaller and lighter power control modules.

SiC power devices also reduce energy loss in the power control process, resulting in a substantial energy savings.

Showa Denko’s SiC epitaxial wafers, having high surface smoothness, are especially valued highly for use in high-quality SiC-MOSFET.

Production besides the standard specification is possible, please contact us for further details.




Espacer™ – Charge dissipating agent for electron beam lithography

Espacer™ is a charge dissipation liquid polymer used for electron-beam lithography (e-beam lithography), developed by Showa Denko K.K. /Japan.

Espacer™ is a water soluble conducting polymer in weak acidic solution without any organic solvent. Espacer™ enables to draw circuits with increased accuracy. Thin films of Espacer™ are highly conductive, therefore solving problems related to positional errors during electron-beam lithography processes.

Non-chemical amplified resist Positive-tone Espacer™ 300Z
Negative-tone Espacer™ 300HX02
Chemical amplified resist Positive-tone Espacer™ 300AX01
Negative-tone Espacer™ 300AX01
Packaging 100g/Bottle
Storage 5±3 °C
Impurities < 50 ppb
Sheet resistance 1 x 10³ – 5 x 107 ohm/sq


Solfine is the generic product name representing Showa Denko’s high purity solvents used e.g. in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes. Solfine’s high purity is characterized, amongst others, by its low metal, dust and moisture content.