Packaging Materials: Clean bags for silicon wafers and Lithium Ion Batteries

Polyethylene (PE) Clean Bag and Aluminum (Al) Clean Bag


Showa Denko has been producing laminated clean packaging for Silicon wafers since 1959. Our long experience, know-how and production technology can ensure the quality of products.

Our safety clean bags are used for maintaining the clean level between clean rooms during transportation. They have been adopted by many wafer and semiconductor companies.

Our laminated clean packaging is produced under a strictly controlled clean room environment to meet the customer’s cleanliness and moisture barrier function requirements.

Aluminum Laminated Film for Lithium ion Battery (LiB)


Showa Denko is the manufacturer of Aluminum Laminated Film (Aluminum Pouch Film) for Lithium ion Battery (LiB) packaging.

Aluminum Laminated Film has a high degree of moisture barrier, vapor barrier and electrolyte resistance properties, which is suitable for Large Lithium ion batteries. We have 2 types of Aluminum Laminated Film: the dry laminate type and heat laminate type.


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