Petrochemicals: Allyl alcohol

Allyl alcohol


Allyl alcohol (IUPAC name: 2-pronenol) is an organic compound produced in our Naphtha cracker in Oita/Japan. It is a colourless and transparent but very toxic liquid with characteristic pungent, mustard-like, smell.

Allyl alcohol is used as raw material for other organic compounds such as resin additive, in medical, agricultural and fragrance applications.

Product name Allyl alcohol
CAS number 107-18-6
EC number 203-470-7
Physical and chemical properties Physical state Liquid
Colour Colourless, transparent
Odour Pungent
Boiling point 97°C
Melting point – 129°C
Transport information Class (UN) 6.1 (3)
UN number UN 1098
Transport by air Forbidden


Classification of the substance according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP):
– Flamable liquid Category 2, H225
– Acute Toxicity, oral Category 3, H301
– Acute Toxicity, dermal Category 2, H310
– Acute Toxicity, inhalation Category 2, H330
– Skin corrosion/Irrititation Category 2, H315
– Serious eye damage/eye irritation Category 2, H319
– Reproductive toxicity Category 2, H361f (fertility)
– Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure Category 3 (respiratory tract irritation), H335
– Hazardous to the aquatic environment, short-term aquatic hazard Category 1, H400 (M=1)
– Hazardous to the aquatic environment, long-term aquatic hazard Category 3, H412

Item Specification
Appearance Clear, colourless, transparent liquid
Colour (Hazen)
ASTM D 1209
< 15
Purity, %
> 99,5
Water, % wt
ASTM E 203
< 0,2
Acid, % wt
ASTM D 1613
< 0,02
n-Propanol, % wt
< 0,1