Rare Earth Magnetic Alloys: NdFeB alloy

Nd-Fe-B alloy (strip cast method)

Our Neodymium-Iron-Boron alloy for rare-earth sintered magnet consists of a magnetic phase and grain boundary phase finely and uniformly distributed with less than several micron meters of thickness that lead to a high performance sintered magnet.

Showa Denko produces magnet alloys at its Chichibu plant, at Baotou Showa Rare Earth Hi-tech New Material Co., Ltd in Baotou (Inner Mongolia, China) and at Ganzhou Zhaori Rare Earth New Material Co., Ltd. in Ganzhou (Jiangxi, China). Rare-earth metal for the magnet alloys is produced at Showa Denko Rare-Earth Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Hanam, Vietnam.
The alloy is produced by the so-called Strip Cast method. This method is a cast technique with pouring melts on a copper wheel to achieve rapid solidification.

The alloy is pulverized, pressed, sintered and magnetized to produce Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets.



The rare earth magnets are utilized for hard disk drives, motors for hybrid/electric cars, wind turbine motors etc.