Super Abrasives: Cubic boron nitride (cBN) and polycrystalline boron nitride (PCBN)

cBN: BN™ Abrasive Grains

Showa Denko has been continuing its efforts develop cubic boron nitride abrasives (SBN™) provided with unique properties not known before to meet the need for various applications since its success of commercial synthesis of cubic boron nitride abrasives for the first time in Japan in 1978.

This cubic boron nitride abrasive grain (BN™) has a hardness that is close to diamonds, is corrosion resistant, and because it does not react chemically to iron, is used mainly in the grinding/polishing of steel. BN™ is available in different types for different applications.



SBN K-Tip™ is a sintered compact of cubic boron nitride (cBN) manufactured by Showa Denko from specially prepared cBN on the strength of the company’s ultra-high pressure technology.

SBN K-Tip™ is morphologically featured in that cBN grains constitute the skeleton with special binders filling voids and creating coherent bonds.

The use of SBN K-Tip™ is recommended for the purpose of cutting hard ferrous alloys and difficult to work materials and also for a raw material of wear resistant parts.

SBN K-TIP™ is available in eight different grades for a wide range of machining materials. In addition to the KT series (a composite sintered compact in which the sintered cBN layer is supported by a layer of cemented carbide), solid types (KS series: KS10, KS25, KS30X; a composite consisting of solely sintered cBN) are also available.

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